Nodes Management System

The nodes are BLE peripherals (server), which report themselves to all Logger360 BLE devices (the loggers). The loggers connect to the nodes and forward data packets to their owners' servers. The data is encrypted, and the node does not have the ability to decrypt the transmitted data.

If there are two or more nodes within the WiFi access, they can self-organize into a network (mesh). If a node has access to an Internet access point (AP), it connects to it directly. If there is no direct access (or the signal is too weak), then it tries to connect to another network node and gain access to the Internet through it.

To ensure communication with the servers for the loggers over a large area, it is required to place a sufficient number of data collection nodes and one or more Internet access points in this area.

Operating the nodes only requires a power supply, which significantly reduces the cost of installation. The presence of a stabilizer allows the use of long low-voltage lines (up to 20 meters) with the connection of several nodes to one power line.

To configure the nodes, you only need to set the Internet access point name (AP SSID) and a password. If there are several nodes, settings will be sent automatically. Configuration can be done either from a mobile or from a computer via WiFI (captive portal). No additional software is required.

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